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Faithful and Flawed

In my vlog last month I discussed that we are who we are in Christ. Part of renewing our vows with Christ is knowing that He loves us just as we are. We as women of God are different and unique. Sometimes that equates to flawed. Although we are filled with quirks, etc., we are not a waste. We are not hopeless. God does not expect us to always walk on water. He knows we are going to mess up. It is what we do with that mess up that says whether we are faithful or not. Do we give up, or do we keep going?
If we learn from those mess ups and strive to do better, then faithful we are called. God does expect us to lay our messes down at His feet and walk away. If we stay on our knees humbly and pray for change God will be faithful to work in us in His time. Never stop trying to get it right with the Lord. The reward in that is beautiful grace and joy. Not beating ourselves up continually. Just seeking earnestly to do right.
Keep your chin up, woman of God. Straighten your crown and walk a l…

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