Free to Serve

I was preparing food for my puppy, Rapha, this morning. He sat quietly behind me, tail gently thumping the floor in anticipation. He gets excited to see his needs met. His tummy growling, his little bottom side scooted forward just a bit and Mommy looked down and said, "Rapha, no. I cannot serve you if you keep getting in my way."

As Rapha scooted back out of the way, so many thoughts flooded my mind. But here are the most important ones...

Sometimes the Lord sends an individual to serve us. Not in a slave-binding kind of way. But in a come along side and make it easier kind of way. Or push us toward God's goal. Or ruffle our feathers a bit so we think outside the box.

Just because we are impatiently waiting for something to be done doesn't mean that servant is incompetent, or a fake, or inconsistent. That we should step in the way in impatience or our own stubborn refusal to be served.

That servant isn't always going to come in a package which suits us. Or completes a mission in OUR perfect timing or way. Perhaps that servant seems as if they are off in left field. They come barefooted. They don't talk and act the way we do. Speak our language. They are different, and they make us extremely uncomfortable. Especially if they tell us they are only in our lives for a season. Or maybe God sent them to rest up for a bit and we need to help the servant learn to be served.

Don't get me wrong. Sometimes counterfeit servants do come to us. I have been in that situation more than once. It took a while to discern, but I realized who was for me and who was against me. Sent of the enemy.

And I have also been thrown more than once into a position which was not meant for me because other servants refused to do what needed to be done. Those seasons did not end well. I have learned since then to JUST SAY NO.

I learned to recognize whether offers made to me to serve or be served were an ingenuine gesture, or just a gesture that wasn't my brand of help. I am learning to accept those who are not my brand, and run from those situations not of God IN HIS TIMING.

Sometimes we are to serve and sometimes we are to be served. The beautiful lesson we must learn is when it is of God, and when it isn't. When to gently say yes. When to gently say no. And when to recognize the need to just stand back and let it happen. We have to be kind when those strange and fragile creatures come into our presence. I have had my heart broken many times, and in turn broken hearts of others through my emotional brokenness. I am learning to do unto others as I would HAVE THEM do unto me. Despite my heart being broken.

If a gentle word can turn away wrath, then we'd be doing ourselves great service to just be gentle in ALL our doings. It isn't as hard as we humans make it. It's so simple that even a puppy can learn.


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