Racing Thoughts

Racing (negative) thoughts left untamed will explode into backlash in one form or another. You have the mind of Christ, Princess. Renew your mind in Christ. I know I speak rather boldly in most posts. In second person. And sometimes seem hard. But I love you. Jesus loves you so much more. If I don't speak truth (in love), then I speak compromise. 
He wants all of you. 
All the dark places.
All the sad places.
All the hidden places.
All the secret places.
Our thoughts.
Our emotions.
We have got to get it together. The body of Christ. 
Stop trying to compete.
Stop comparing ourselves to other churches, ministries, people.
Stop trying to figure it out.
Stop taking credit for what God is doing.
Stop fighting and trying to make ourselves look better. Just BE better.
Stop PLAYING church- and BE the church.
God isn't fooled by religeon. He created that demon before the earth began. And He is disgusted by it.
He doesn't want our performance or our natural talent.
He wants our faith.
He merely desires our hearts. For out of that abundance flows words.
Good or bad.
Our choice.
Our decision.
Today (and prayerfully every day) I will choose to speak, think, feel, act out LIFE.
For anything else is not of God.


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