Speaking Life

♥ When the woman you love is down and out,
Words can defeat or words can restore.
♥ When your child breaks your favorite "grown-up toy",
Words can change him or words can break him more.
♥ When the doctor claims your husband is ill,
Words can heal 
Or words can kill.
♥ When he who harmed your family
 Looks to be reunited,
Words can mend 
Or be hatred ignited.
♥ When a wounded soul 
walks through the sanctuary door
needing to be restored...
Words can turn them away 
or make them long for Jesus more...
♥ When the bills are more than you can earn 
and you have nowhere else to turn
Words to the Father cause faith to passionately burn.
♥ When nothing in life ever seems to change, 
On your Maker call-
On your face 
Or on your knees 
You choose to fall-
Words can change it all.

Proverbs 18
21) Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
                 And those who love it will eat its fruit. 


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