Trusting God

The book of Psalms is proof of God's constant mercy and grace. How boldly it speaks of trusting the Lord. It promises hope. Speaks of discipline, love, restoration, deep worship of the Lord, and crying out to HIM in time of need. It is a glorious testimony of faith for young and old alike.
Psalm 108 is a grand display of the author's faith. At the end of the chapter, in verses 12 and 13 (MEV) it reads:
     Grant us help against the foe, for the help of man is worthless. Through GOD (emphasis mine) we shall be valiant, for He shall tread down our enemies. 
When facing battles humans tend to turn to human answers. They rely on self and mankind. But God's word speaks continuously about trusting HIM.
I had a friend once, who felt it her duty to "bless" me when a need arose. I was the type of person to ask God to cover it and stretch whatever we had to make it fit. To increase and prosper us as our souls prospered. To supply all our NEED. That really bothered her. She thought I was settling. She went out of her way on numerous occasions. If I mentioned I needed to buy extra towels and washcloths, the next day she would bring them to me. It almost became a ritual. And THAT bothered ME.
She, in her own mind, became my provider. I didn't need her help. I needed her prayers and friendship. Needed her to understand I was merely making an (thinking out loud) observation. I appreciated each and every gesture. Yes. But it became an obligation on both parts and it really tied me down. So I put a stop to it. I stopped talking about those needs at all. I recognized when it stopped being a God blessing, and started becoming a human thing.
Some would call that insanity. But for my family it was almost a release. We have to, as children of God trust in Him to be our Champion. If He lays it on someone's heart to help my ministry and family whether in labor or need, and I know it is of Him, I will say yes. But the Lord gives us the ability (and favor) to care for ourselves and others. We rely on Him. Those victories and answered prayers... the credit belongs to Him. And when we are facing our "enemies", He is the answer.
 Jehovah Jireh, my provider.
Have a blessed day, Princesses. I pray God's very best for you today and every day.


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